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Green & Gorgeous Organics

Location: Redding, California

Established: 2016

Instagram: @gandgorganics

Our story begins with founder, Krisy Kim, and her quest to create completely natural beauty products that are safe for you and the Earth. Her issues with her skin and gut health inspired her to find natural alternatives for her favorite beauty products. In the evenings after her day job, Krisy used her San Francisco apartment as a test lab where she formulated high-quality organic products that changed her beauty routine forever. After years of perfecting the formulas to include non-toxic, environmentally-friendly, effective ingredients, she founded G&G Organics to bring nature’s healing powers to others. With biodegradable packaging and a commitment to be completely plastic-free, G&G Organics is a brand you can trust to align with your natural, cruelty-free lifestyle.


River Organics

Location: Wilmington, North Carolina

Established: 2016

Instagram: @riverorganicsbeauty

River Organics is an independent beauty company located in Wilmington, North Carolina. Formulated to be safe for all skin types, our line of makeup offers a simplified approach to beauty and skin care. With all of our products we strive to offer you the best vegan zero waste products without compromising quality or durability. The products are conceived by wife and husband team Corinne & Fabien, natives of Canada and France. Corinne is an art historian with an eye for simple beauty and Fabien is a natural product chemist who worked in the Chanel skin care laboratories in the south of France, where they both lived for 8 years. Life in France, and travels in Italy and the Middle East introduced Corinne to beauty regimens in which oil, not creams, formed the basis for moisturizing the skin. The goal is for your natural beauty to shine through with a little help.



RAW Beauty Botanicals

Location: Yelm, Washington

Established: 2020

Instagram: @rawbeautybotanicals

RAW Beauty Botanicals is a small family-run business in the PNW. Brittni established the business in March of 2020 in their apartment in Belton, TX. She was later joined by partner Rio as sales increased and stay at home orders took place. Now, Rio handles most of the production while Brittni handles marketing and innovation. They have two babies at home, Romy and Arthur, who make running a business from home quite a bit harder but definitely more fun. Bath bombs are RBB's signature product, with a focus on eco friendly processes and packaging. They believe in sourcing natural, organic ingredients - local when possible - and packaging with recycled, recycleable, and/or compostable shipping materials. They are constantly seeking ways to lessen their footprint on the Earth while still delivering high quality self care products to people around the US. 



Simple Alchemy Co

Location: NewbergOregon

Established: 2018

Instagram: @simplealchemyco

Simple Alchemy Co was created as a response to the growing single-use plastics problem we’re facing. 18 billion pounds of it makes it into our oceans every year. We went on a search for plastic-free goods, and quickly became frustrated by the many companies claiming to be eco-friendly, but who still package most of their products in non-compostable, rarely recycled containers. We decided to launch our own line.

We started this dream together just before we got married, when we still lived in a 400 square foot studio apartment. In just over a year, we’ve more than doubled our space as well as our production. We’re so excited to see the positive response to what we’re doing, and to be meeting such a huge need for eco conscious home and body products.

With a commitment to sustainability and transparency, our love for the planet is at the heart of everything we do. We are a PETA-certified vegan and cruelty-free company, donating $1 from every online sale to animal rescue efforts. All of our packaging can either be composted, or reused/recycled. All ingredients are ethically sourced, and non-GMO.

Our mission is to make plastic-free living accessible, and to help make the switch both easy and enjoyable!

You can rest assured every product you buy from us is free from: palm oil, parabens, sulfates, fragrance, plastic, dyes, and animal products of any kind. You can choose anything from our catalog, and know it’s carefully and consciously crafted to be zero waste.

– Bee + Col




Location: New York

Established: 2020


We manufacture clean toothpaste tablets, which utilize all naturally derived ingredients. Kaylaan's integration of natural ingredients, such as mint and neem, provide a natural, portable, and efficient tooth cleaning experience. Our toothpaste tablet is a combination of proven ancient and modern knowledge; furthermore, it is fluoride-free, sulfide-free, and is made with love in New York.  

Our main purpose at Kaylaan is to create best possible dental care that contribute to sustainability at both the environmental and economic levels. Our ingredients are all naturally sourced with the intent of supporting the local green economy and minimizing our ecological footprint. We hope to create a clean environment for our home planet by using recyclable tin which is refillable and our packaging made from recycled material .

The Co-Founder of the company is a Toxicologist, he is focused on studying about the chemicals that goes into our body, with that in mind, our ingredients is carefully sourced to give you a healthier teeth and a healthier smile.