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handmade + zero waste

we believe that self care shouldn't cost the environment. it's our mission to make zero waste self care more accessible and support small business.


each product is handcrafted by small business owners. you are supporting someone's dreams with each purchase!

zero waste

all packaging is reusable, recycleable, and/or compostable. nothing goes into landfills!


all products are made with natural + sustainable ingredients. no need to stress over confusing product labels!

Wonderful communication and LOVE the zero-waste, eco-friendly approach! I asked for a large order and they were ready within the week and promptly sent! I will be back for more!


I got these as a gift for my (vegan) sister. They smell amazing & came packaged with 100% sustainable materials. I love these and wish I had got some for myself!


The seller was fully accommodating, and the package was shipped in an eco friendly way. I chose rose vanilla, eucalyptus sage, and lavender, all turned out smelling wonderful! I would definitely buy these again!